Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Taking it all, asking for seconds, giving nothing back.

Get ready, people. Get ready for idle thoughts. Get ready for scraps of story ideas. Get ready for amateur culture commentary. Get ready for ill-informed emotionally charged vitriol. Get ready, folks... for the blog that packs 100 per cent MORE DETAIL about my life, thoughts and opinions THAN OTHER OTHER BLOG ON THE MARKET!!!! This is YOUR CHANCE to get in on the ground floor of a SOON-TO-BE-UNIVERSALLY APPRECIATED PIECE OF NETSPACE. Where were you when you first read this blog? Spain? Sudan? Moon? Were there raptors? Did you access it upon your PC, or wifi phone apparatus, or some sort of neural uplink? Wherever, whenever, WHOever you are, you'd better have your gut muscles clenched harder than Jason Statham's steely gaze, as it's about to get a FIST FULL OF AWESOME right where it counts. In the gut. 'Cause it's a gut punch.

Whilst it'll take some time for this blog to take proper shape, as a I shake out the details and work out what I'm going to devote it to, the most common connection will be, of course, that I'm writing it. Though like an other mammal (and also many reptiles reptiles), I am but a product of my environment, so a quick shout out to every person, event and idea that's ever shaped me and my perceptions. You guys rule. But as for content, you can mainly expect me to talk about movies, books, video games, comics, anime and manga, websites, and general media stuff. I might also pop up with the odd ethical, politcal or social diatribe, but those are much more unlikely. It'll be pretty casual, and I'll certainly welcome (and attempt to engage with) any users who wish to comment, but this will mostly be about what I think of this or that. Which is what, I believe, blogging is all about. I'll probably start out by going through stuff from my own collection of entertainment media, as in my current financial situation it'll be hard to keep up with contemporary stuff, so my main aim will be to provide a coherent and entertaining commentary, as opposed to keeping my visitors abreast of new developments. Will that be enough to engage my users? Time will tell.

Alright, that's all I've got to say for my opening barrage. Let's get this party started.

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